3 Things You Can Put In A Vape Pen For Additional Flavor

Vaping became very popular in recent years, especially among people who want to quit smoking and younger generations that find vapes attractive and enjoyable. The main advantage of the great specter of electronic cigarettes is that active smokers can replace standard tobacco products with them, and prevent the development of various health issues. Even though vaping is not completely safe, the chances that someone will develop asthma, bronchitis, cardiovascular problem, and many other diseases, are much lower. Moreover, passive smokers are in less danger as well, since the vapor is not harmful to the environment. Also, vapes are much cleaner than cigarettes. Besides the regular tobacco taste, you can choose from a great selection of flavors, such as apple, peach, lemon, juice, and many other types. You can visit Vapor Solo to check the complete offer of e-liquids.

Furthermore, since the industry of tobacco products is aware that more people are getting interested in vaping, we can see many popular brands developing their products and additional flavors. On the other hand, you should research the market properly and find the right product for your preferences. Also, since there is the ability to add flavors on your own, you should check what is safe and harmful for vaping. We are going to introduce you to additional flavors that you can put in a vape pen.

1. Water

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The main reason why many people became interested in adding water to their vaping liquids is that they think of how that could improve the taste and experience. On the other hand, while some products indeed have water as one of the ingredients, using only that substance won’t provide you with proper feeling during vaping. Also, if you choose to use only water, the feeling will not be anything similar to standard e-liquids. Nevertheless, a lot of people are using it to lower the strength, which can be a good solution. But using only water and additional flavors is not recommended. The common mistake among people is that they think about how vaping water will produce a higher amount of vapor, which is not possible.

Furthermore, you should be aware of potential side-effects before you even try to vape water. The chemical ingredients in standard liquids do not allow the stem to overheat, while water can cause burns to your mouth and throat or even lung infection. In that matter, while vaping water is possible, it is not recommended at all, since it can cause some serious health issues. Standard vaping liquids contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, which are safe and can provide the proper taste.

2. Alcohol

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It might surprise many, but vaping alcohol is also possible. However, the process of preparation of a vaping device to become able to make a vapor out of alcohol is quite complicated. On the other side, we can see that this trend is very popular among the younger generations. Also, you will need only slightly more than one shot of alcohol to get drunk through vaping, which might be the main reason for such popularity. However, you should know that putting pure alcohol in your standard vape pen might cause serious injuries since alcohol is highly flammable.

The biggest danger is that your body will not be able to process the alcohol in the same way as when you are drinking it, which is the main reason why it needs so little of it to make people drunk. Moreover, if you are interested in trying this method of vaping, be sure to buy a proper product that will help you prevent any side-effects.

3. Oils

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The most popular and safest options that we can find in most liquids are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. They provide the best taste and the ability to combine various flavors. However, people with more experience often decide to experiment with different flavors and new methods. That often leads to a common mistake, where people are trying to add ingredients in standard vape pens that are not compatible with them. For example, coconut oil is a very popular option, but the side effect it could cause is the malfunction of the pen since it will create denser vapor. On the other side, coconut oil represents a healthier solution when compared to vegetable glycerin.

Besides this oil, we can see that many are interested in other solutions, such as essential oils, corn syrup, and more, but you should know that these oils have a much higher concentration, which means that they could clog the vape pen. Also, they are not safe at all and could cause various health issues. Nevertheless, we also noticed that tinctures are popular as well, especially those made of alcohol and CBD. Nonetheless, these ingredients are not compatible with vapes and might cause malfunction of these devices, and even more serious problems related to combustion and getting hurt.


Source: pexels.com

With the rise in popularity of vaping, companies are trying to develop and introduce an even bigger selection of devices and additional flavors. On the other side, the main issue is that people are often trying to experiment by themselves, by adding ingredients on their own, without knowing their important features, and how they will react in the process. All of the additional flavors that we mentioned, like water, alcohol, and oils, are available for vaping, but only if you select the right product that is designed to process them properly and without any danger.

Therefore, if you are interested in trying more flavors and different ingredients, be sure to find the proper pen and avoid experimenting with ingredients that might cause health issues and injuries. Either way, the best way is to use only standard e-liquids that are well-known for their taste and experience. In that matter, you should drink alcohol instead of vaping it, or use the CBD tincture in the right way, because you will get more benefits from it, and avoid putting yourself in danger.