5 Ways to Get Through New York Airport Security Faster ─ How to Prepare?

Traveling is hectic enough without long lines and endless security checks. Are you tired of missing your flight because of long waits at the airport? Thankfully, there are ways to get through New York airport security faster. Read on to find out what you can do to ensure your time in the airport is as stress-free as possible!

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at New York area airports strives to make the security process quick, efficient, and safe.

Source: bloomberg.com

However, travelers can often still experience a long wait in airport security lines – but there are ways to make getting through the line faster. By following these tips, travelers can save time when going through airport security:

1. Pre-Enroll in TSA PreCheck

Enrolling in the TSA PreCheck program helps expedite travelers through security without having to remove shoes, laptops, or liquids from carry-on baggage. Once approved and issued a traveler number, this number should be included when making travel reservations online.

2. Arrive Early

Aim to arrive at least two hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight – especially if flights are during peak times or frequent delays have been reported at your departing airport lately. From there, you can proceed to any activities you have planned at the airport, like meeting with a person from assisted services you hired.

3. Be Prepared for Screening

Search for any prohibited items (firearms and ammunition, sports equipment such as bats, sticks, and clubs), reset laptop computers to factory settings, and remove any metal objects you might have on you prior to entering security screenings. Wear easy-removal shoes like flip flops or sandals that can quickly be taken off and passed through the X-ray belts while rolling your checked bags ahead of you.

4. Have Your Travel Documents Ready

When reaching checkpoints at the entrance of screening locations, have all travel documents easily accessible including boarding passes and passports to present during inspection upon request by TSA officials quickly and without interruption of regular flow inside lines. For domestic flights within United States borders identifying documents might not be required depending on specifics about the current route – look for specific information on various airlines’ websites associated with flight routes prior to departing from your home address.

5. Pack Smart

When packing items into carry-ons always leave items that require special attention (laptops/other electrical devices together with their cords/chargers) separate on a top tray layer clearly visible when X-rayed – removing this item quickly will prevent unnecessary delays during checks.

What to Do if You’re Selected for Additional Screening

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If you are selected for additional screening, you will be taken to a secondary area for further inspection. You may be asked to step out of line, removed from your group, and patted down by TSA personnel. The screening process usually only takes a few minutes and involves two steps: wanding and inspection of carry-on bags.

You should remember that you have rights during this process and, you should remain calm during the process as it will help move things along in a more efficient manner.


While nothing is guaranteed and the most important thing is to maintain a relaxed attitude throughout the security process, these tips may help passengers navigate their way through New York airports with greater efficiency.