10 Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety – 2023 Guide

Staying at home than usual, doing nothing in this pandemic time is causing many troubles in our lives. The daily routine has been disturbed as so as our health. People that are already suffering from stress and anxiety are facing bigger challenges whereas healthy people might face a stressful situation and feel anxiety. We have pinned down 10 fastest ways to recover from anxiety while staying at home.  

Natural and unnatural ways

There are two ways to overcome stress and anxiety, the one that comes naturally, and the other one that is unnaturally usually associated with medicines, anti-depressants. Always naturally recovered things are long-lasting. Let’s discuss a few of our natural way to deal with stressful situations.


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The best thing to come out of any bad situation is to exercise and make your body feel important and sweat out all those unwanted things that your body resists. Exercise like aerobics pilates etc helps you in many ways. Your body feels lively in results it gives you a good mood which can be a great source of fighting any anxiety and stress. 

Cutting out caffeine

It might sound weird to hear about cutting one of your favorite morning intake, caffeine but Scientist believe that caffeine intake can predispose a healthy person to anxiety. People who are addicted to caffeine might sound grumpy if you haven’t taken a sip of their favorite caffeine. This is a direct indication of addiction and addiction is the first step towards anxiety. Natural remedies like magnolia bark powder is the safest example for any addiction. 

Write things down

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Sometimes expressing things in written words are more effective than verbal words. Writing down about your stress feelings can boost your body to fight against them. Many online sites encourage you to write things down. It precisely means that what you are going through what are you feeling while in stress as anxiety cannot be expressed in words but it can be felt through words. Share it with the world and it will help other survivors fighting the same battle


We have always learned from our ancestors and it has always helped us in our lives in a healthy way. Our ancestors used herbs in abundance for many cures. As there were many natural things they could perform extraction from like one of the famous magnolia extract that came from the tree of magnolia bark. Herbs were prepared from this extraction and had made man’s life easier. Plants and trees are a rich source of herbs. 

Interact with family

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Our life’s priority should be our family. Usually, stress and anxiety are caused due to negligence towards our family. We don’t trust them and share our problems with them which causes a huge vacuum inside our body and comes out as stress and anxiety.

Natural vitamins for anxiety

Food is a rich source of vitamins. In the form of fruit vegetable meat, we can easily intake vitamins. A high dose of vitamin b helps you fight the depression. It can be found in dairy products, grains leafy greens, etc.

Natural supplements

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Natural supplements come in a variety. They are present in many food supplements. That we need to add in our daily diet. Like fish oil supplements that are rich with omega 3 fatty acids and it helps to reduce anxiety. Our body needs important elements like magnesium. That can be taken in the form of supplements in 100 to 500 mg dose. Moreover, natural supplements like magnolia bark supplements help in anxiety which has been our ancient famous method. Supplements are best taken with proper diet, they will benefit you double if taken with healthy intake. 

Taking anti-depressant

There are some unnatural things to consider just like taking pills. Your body sometimes becomes so addicted to pills that it can’t find a cure in anything else. If you are in such a situation taking anti-depressants is a good solution. But discussed above about all the natural things that can get you out without any side effects is the proper way of getting cured. Why giving your body a tougher time when its already being in a tough situation? 

Consult a psychiatrist

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If you want to satisfy yourself that you have taken every decision into count for getting out of this situation then going to a psychiatrist should be on your list. We have made this false accusation that these are rich people’s choices. No, Doing something for yourself is never wrong. Only a specialist will be able to diagnose the root cause of your problem.

Talk therapy

Anxiety reaches to the point where you are unable to express anything and end up cutting out with your family and friends. At this point, if you won’t realize your situation and take action it could lead you to the highest dangerous peak. Talk therapy can be your solution. Scientists have discovered that taking drugs and supplements can be less effective than going to talk therapy. There are many therapists available in your country or if not there are help you find one some solution and help on this website.

Side effects


The worse side effect of stress and anxiety is a sleep disorder. That can be cured by taking sleeping pills. But they have their side effects too. It’s better to go for natural remedies like magnolia bark extract is the best example of getting relief from a sleep disorder. Natural remedies have helped us for a long time and in this technology-based generation, it is still giving us the best results from many natural approaches. If we count the number of magnolia bark benefits it might surprise us.

Short temper

Stress and anxiety affect our personality in many ways. One of the major effects is our anger. Due to impulsiveness and uneasy feeling, we end up having a short temper. It affects people around us we can even harm someone’s feelings by harsh words.