6 Things to Know about Wearing Ear Cuffs

Women adore jewelry. This is a simple fact that no one can deny. They love accessories in general because they allow them to improve their outfits and create new ones by doing a little bit of mix and match. Plus, the jewelry makes them feel beautiful on every occasion, which is why there are so many options nowadays.

In recent years, ear cuff pieces have become extremely popular, and when you think about it, it isn’t that surprising. Basically, you can wear them regardless if you are going out to run some errands, meet and hang out with friends, or attend some super-fancy event. Since more and more girls are interested in these, in the following article, we are going to provide you with some essential information.

Do I need to have pierced ears?

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This is the most common question ladies have, so we are going to answer it first. No, you are not required to pierce your ears to wear these. Unlike other types of earrings, they do not require piercings. So, you must be wondering how they stay on. Well, this is something that entirely depends on the style of the earring. Some are supported by a sturdy wire that goes behind your ear, while others are attached to the ear’s cartilage.

Why are these so popular?

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Well, if you ask us, this is due to two reasons. First of all, they are a relatively new trend, even though this isn’t really true since they have been invented thousands of years ago, but you know what we mean. Secondly, when it comes to designs, we believe that these have so much to offer, at least when compared to the traditional earrings. This is true simply due to the fact that they can distribute weight to several points, so ear cuffs can be heavier and have an elaborate design. Just visit eandejewellery.com, and you will understand what we are talking about.

Who can wear these?

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This question might surprise you at first because, after all, we are talking about earrings, which are universal. Nevertheless, when you think about the fact that ears can vary in size and shape, it is understandable that many people have this doubt.

Well, a general answer is that almost everyone can wear these. Naturally, not every design might look great on you, but that still doesn’t mean that you won’t physically be able to wear them. Depending on where you buy them, artists can make small modifications and adjustments to the piece so that it would fit you perfectly. This basically means that there isn’t an ear cuff that you won’t be able to wear.

Can they hurt you?

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This is another common question simply because not everyone is used to wearing these. As you know, this is not the case with traditional earrings since a lot of people get their ears pierced at a young age. If you have just got a breath-taking ear cuff and it’s causing you any kind of discomfort, it means that it is not fitted correctly. You can easily arrange this by using pliers to accommodate the cuff to the thickness of your cartilage. You can do this by yourself, or if you are not sure how to do it exactly, you can always go to the store where you bought them and ask for help.

Furthermore, it will probably take you some time to get used to it. This is especially true if you opt for one that is a bit heavy, but believe us, soon you will forget that you have it on.

How to put them on?

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Even though this might seem like a tricky part, it really isn’t. If this is the first time you are putting them on, you should definitely do it in front of the mirror. First things first, locate the part of the cartilage on the upper section of the ear that is the thinnest and just slip the cuff around it. Remember that one part of it should be placed behind and the other side on the front of the ear.

Once you have placed it, it is time to find a perfect position for it on your earlobe. You can do this by simply pulling it downwards until it just clicks with the structure of your ear. It should be placed in the middle, slightly above the earlobe. You should also stretch the ear a little bit and hold it in place with your index and middle finger, just to facilitate this part of the process a bit.

Finally, check if it fits properly. With most of the cuffs, it isn’t really necessary to pinch them to the ear because they should fall in place themselves. When you put it on, you can pull it slightly, just to make sure that it won’t come off. Don’t forget to check whether it is too tight, because it might cause you some discomfort over the hours.

Choose the right style

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Finally, we have reached the fun part – the style of the ear cuff. As you can imagine, there are dozens of these. The simplest ones are hoops that gently hug your earlobe. Moreover, there are those that come in pair with a traditional earring, and that can be connected with a thin chain. Also, there are those with a more elaborate design, that is, the ones that go over the outer curve of the ear. We are not even going to discuss the designs, colors, patterns, and so on.

Although you can wear these on both ears, most girls opt for only one. These are so unusual that there is absolutely no way they will go unnoticed. It is all about the unsymmetrical, edgy look, and it doesn’t really matter which ear you choose.

Don’t forget to carefully choose other jewelry pieces because it is important to match them perfectly. Obviously, this mainly depends on the style and design of the ear cuff you have chosen, but just remember that the general rule is that you should go with other simple pieces if you have opted for an elaborate cuff.

Lastly, don’t forget to go with a hairstyle that will enable you to show the cuff. You can always put your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun, or simply tuck it behind your ear.