6 Tips for Choosing The Right Wedding Music for Your Ceremony

She said yes, you were happy, the wedding is scheduled, and you are all set to go, but what about the music? Yes, there were other things to think about: tables, flowers, food and all, but you should not forget the entertainment. Once the vows are given, and the priest pronounced you husband and wife, it’s the time of the party, which can’t be imagined without a proper band or an orchestra. This is crucial for every wedding, as the melody follows all the emotions involved and sets a tone not only for the party that’s going on but maybe even for your future, who knows. There are numerous details to pay attention to, such as the songs that are going to be played. Now that you are listening to us, continue reading, and hear our six tips for choosing the right wedding music for your ceremony.

The Basics

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It is always best to start with the essentials. It’s all about the length of your ceremony. You need to know how long will it last to determine the number of songs you’ll require. Every moment of your big day is unique and deserves a separate piece. The first one you need to know is the one that would play while you are walking down the aisle. The second one is, of course, tied to your first dance as a married couple. These things can be taken care of by the band you hired, but if you want to participate, you need to get to the task and set the tone early with the desired songs.

Check with Your Venue

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Not all venues allow all kinds of songs. You should know this. If your ceremony is being held in a church, mosque, or a synagogue, you need to see with the people of faith who operate there are the songs you’d like allowed within the given house of worship. They will be able to tell you what is yes, and what’s a no go. The officiant in charge needs to say to you what type of music is allowed. Only instrumentals might be allowed, or only holly songs, without a trace of modern music. Most houses of worship have their rules set, and they won’t change them for a civilian wedding. This is why you need to know this in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Examine Your Joint Past

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This one can prove quite significant, but challenging at the same time. Even if you and your partner are a match made in heaven, it could happen that you don’t have the same taste in music. But, as much this can be true for you, there must be at least one artist you both love, or a mere song, or an entire genre, there must be. To make sure that there is, you need to sit down and talk about your past and determine them. It doesn’t need to be something tied to a big event. You can look for a song you liked while driving on a car together, or something that went on the radio while you were preparing dinner, or a song that you heard during a night out and both liked. The best would be a song or an entire album bu an artist that you both listened to in a concert. Once you sit and make this your subject, it will be more straightforward, so don’t take your time, but do this right now before it’s too late.

Read the Lyrics

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Oh, this one can give you blushes at your wedding. Many people misinterpret song lyrics when they choose the ones that will be played at their ceremony. It is not uncommon that people love a specific song, for particular reasons that have nothing to do with what the artist who wrote it, had in mind. So, it would be best if you were sure that you understand the lyrics before it is too late. The best example of this is the song “Every Breath You Take” by the Police. It is an all-time favorite, and something you’ll hear at weddings all the time. Most people don’t have any issues hearing this song during someone’s big day. But, the man who wrote it, Sting had something other in mind when he wrote the song. “Every Breath You Take” actually talks about obsession, a lost lover, and jealousy. Not quite a hit you want at your wedding, isn’t it?


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While every song by itself can be useful, all of them do not gel together in a playlist. This is why your ceremony needs to have a musical theme. Songs need to be companions to one another, and everything needs to have sense and sounds useful above all. So, when making a playlist, you need to have genres, tempo, and the era of the songs, on your mind to make everything sound well. If you do this, you’ll be able to create flow and make a good party out of your wedding for everyone’s satisfaction.

Surprise Everyone

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If you want to have an exceptional party, it’s best to create a playlist and keep it a secret. This could generate a surprise among the attendants and set the tone for the rest of the proceedings. Imagine the reaction of people gathered for your walk down the aisle if you decide to play “White Wedding” by Billy Idol, and make everyone jump from their seats. The best would be if people whoa re your guests, friend and family know what you like, but are not sure what you decided, so the moment the song starts playing they see that you’ve arrived for the big moment. Or, if it about sad songs, you could prepare tissues for everyone if an emotional moment is what the guests are about to receive.


Once you went through all of the steps we laid out for you, all that is left to do is – celebrate. A perfect playlist with songs intended for the couple in question and all guests should set a tone for a good party. When the groove hist everyone, all that is left is to join the party and have the best day of your life. Suppose you are not yet sure what your bend should look and sound like; maybe you’ll get an idea when you check out SimonaTone. It could be detrimental to your decision.