What are the most popular flowers in Italy

If you ever want your garden to be full of life and colorful, then the Italian blossom is the choice for you. The Mediterranean is filled with a large variety of flowers to choose from. Thousands of plants bloom in the spring between Syracuse and Bologna. But if planting regular native Mediterranean flora is not enough for you, then you will surely be satisfied with Italy’s most iconic flowers.

Today we made a list of what we think is one of Italy’s most beautiful and popular flowers.

Tuscany Poppies

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The Italian climate offers low-rain and hot summers and these native plants have adapted to this type of weather, including the Tuscan poppy. This annual flower turns the meadows of Tuscany into a beautiful lipstick-red sea in the late spring. These stunning red petals sit on 3-foot stems and self-seed seamlessly, this means they are completely self-sufficient when planted under the sun and well-drained soil.


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These blood-red flowers shine at you from every single balcony when you are passing through the small village streets of Italy. These easy to care for plants combined with their absolutely beautiful red color and their incredible durability have become one of the most popular flowers under the Italian sun. They grow without any problems and bloom throughout the whole summer.  To get the best look out of Geraniums it is best to plant them in terracotta pots.

The Italian Lavender

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The Italian lavender fills the fields of Italy with beautiful purple flowers and amazing silver-green leaves. Plant these Mediterranean lavenders in well-drained soil and sun to add a stunning fragrance to your garden.

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It is simply impossible to imagine the streets of Rome without that aesthetically pleasing violet and magenta flowers hanging from every single balcony or window. These flowers are known as the Bougainvillea. These vines can grow up to 45 feet on walls and over balconies. The Bougainvillea grows fast if it is planted in well-drained soil and full sun just like all the previously mentioned flowers.

Florentine Iris

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The Mediterranean flora always gives an unforgettable sight because of its amazing combination of its colorful blossoms with dark green foliage. A good example for this is the radiant blue Florentine Iris that appears during April out of nowhere on every single hill in Italy.

Flowering Herbs

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Last but not least are the herbs which have made Italian cooking famous. The rosemary and thyme. In Italy, they are found in almost every possible garden because of its beautiful bloom, but more importantly the amazing smells it releases and finally because it can be used in the Italian cuisine. The thyme rises to about a foot and a half while the rosemary can even reach 6 feet, so keep that in mind before adding these plants to your garden.

These are what we think Italy’s most interesting flowers and probably the most common and popular. So if you are interested in bringing the Italian charm to your garden, grab one of these flowers.