What Can You Do to Aid a Better Sleep?

Our quality of sleep is responsible for much of our daily wellbeing. A better night of rest leads to a better day of activity. While we may already consider ourselves to sleep well, it is not until we make small changes to our nightly routine and environment that we begin to notice the potential improvements. A weighted blanket is a great option because it provides a sense of calm and relaxation. mosaicweightedblankets.com has a great selection to choose from. If you need help finding a mattress, here are some ideas of how to sleep healthy at www.bestmattress-brand.org to keep yourself feeling refreshed each day. 

Wind Down Slowly

There are so many interesting things going on in the world that it is extremely easy to keep your mind buzzing until you hit the pillow. The problem with exciting television shows and keeping updated with social media events is that they keep us stimulated, which is not conducive to falling asleep easily. By allowing a period of time to wind down before we fall asleep we can improve our restfulness. While some may consider reading a relaxing activity, the focus required from our brains can actually act to keep it energised.


A Mattress That Works

Previously, the majority of our mattresses were innerspring by design. While they continue to have certain benefits of comfort, they are now completely outmatched by memory foam alternatives. Whereas innerspring mattresses require us to position ourselves in a certain way for comfort, the memory foam competitors work for whatever positions we choose. This is beneficial for those who tend to sleep on their side, but especially so for those who suffer from spine discomfort or back issues. If you are due a mattress upgrade or believe that your current mattress simply is not working for you, visit an online retailer to find a new and more supportive mattress.

Light and Day


Our bodies are extremely sensitive to light. So much so that they align their body clocks from it. The time we spend outside in the sunshine is not solely beneficial for our happiness but also for our bodies to recognise that it is in fact daytime. Later, when it comes to drawing the curtains, our bodies know that it is nighttime and sets itself to fall asleep. Distorting these influences causes issues. If we remain inside through the day or fail to shut off a light source at night, our body becomes confused. Our screens are directly involved in this problem and our body associates the blue light they emit with daytime. So, for the benefit of your body and rest, keep your screens away from the bedroom.

Routine Meals

While planning the time of our meals may not be a thrilling way to spend our time, the benefits of eating regularly are proven to better our night’s sleep. As mentioned previously, our body clocks are significant factors in our ability to sleep. It is for this reason that, when dealing with jetlag, we are recommended to eat at the same time each day, even if we struggle to sleep the same way, as it will help the body form its routine once more.