What do you think Akon will name its ‘coin’? Akon to launch his own cryptocurrency, guess its name!

by Divya Gandotra
akon coin

Akon, the Grammy Award winner, singer, and a songwriter is planning to launch his very own cryptocurrency very soon.

What do you think will be its name? To all those who said ‘AKoin’, give yourself a coin, every pun intended!

Not just a cryptocurrency, but also the Grammy award-winning celebrity of Senegalese descent, is also planning to build his own Crypto City in Senegal.

akoin coin

With that said, Akon is now among those celebrities, who support the idea of cryptocurrency, as there are many other celebrities, who have previously called this idea, a mere fraud.

Akon said that this step would be very beneficial for people of his country, as it will bring the power into the hands of his people. He told Page Six that blockchain and crypto will prove to be Africa’s savior because of the security associated with this currency system. He said that now the Government would have no say in the decisions of the people and people can use it in the ways that will lead to their advancement.

The official website of AKoin refers to the project as a ‘unique global project’. The project creates opportunity and inclusion to youth entrepreneurs. The currency is powered by blockchain apps due to which people can spend, buy and hold the currency right from their smartphones. The website also mentioned that when the consumers will visit Wakanda (the East-African country) of Akon’s Crypto city they will be able to engage with the currency in an entirely different way.

Akon Crypto City is a 100% crypto-based city with AKoin as the center of transactions is under development on the land gifted to Akon by the President of Senegal. This futuristic city will be built on 2,000 acres of land, at only five minutes distance from the international airport and a short drive away from the capital city of Senegal and Akon’s homeland, Dakar.

Akon rose to popularity after his first single, Locked Up from his album- Trouble was a big hit.

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