What is Penuma Implant?

It is not a rare case that some man has issues the size or appearance of their reproductive organ. The main issue is that it could cause various mental issues like depression, low confidence, anxiety, and more. There are some medical proves about certain diet habits that could affect the proper function of the organ, while bad habits affect it negatively as well. However, there is no natural way of penile enlargement. Also, you should avoid capsules and other products in this manner as well since they are not as effective as the commercial says.

On the other hand, medicine is progressing fast, and some solutions can help people with this issue. One of the most effective methods is the Penuma implant, which represents a silicone that can be inserted into the penis and improve its size and appearance. If you are interested in this procedure, visit Dr.Elist, where you can learn about the Penuma in the tiniest details and sign an appointment.

When we compare this method to other types of enlargement, it is the most efficient, with much fewer chances of any side-effects. In this article, we are going to introduce you to further details about this implant, surgical process, price, potential side-effects, and more.

Most Important Things to Know Before the Surgery

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First of all, it is mandatory to be circumcised before the operation. In fact, you must deal with it at least one month before the process since that is the required time of healing. Also, this process is fast, and there is no need to stay in a hospital for more than one day. Therefore, it won’t affect your private life, business, and other things. When it comes to the operation, it lasts less than one hour under standard anesthesia. Moreover, selling is a common thing, and you can expect it to last for two or three weeks after the process. Also, you will have to avoid sexual relations for up to two months, depending on the speed of recovery.

Who Can Be Treated with It?

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Some factors can determine whether someone is eligible for this operation. In some cases, people won’t be able to get this type of enlargement. The most important factors are related to any previous procedures, smoking cigarettes, and circumcision. When it comes to previous procedures, the doctor won’t be able to implement the implant because you already had some sort of enlargement in the past, which means that there could be serious side-effects caused by different materials injected into the penis. Even if the procedure can be effective, there is a high chance of irritation, scars, and many other issues.

Also, it is necessary to be circumcised before this treatment, and you will have to deal with that few months before the treatment for the best results. Also, in case that you are smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products, there is a chance that anesthetics won’t function properly. Also, it will take a longer time until the wounds are healed. Smoking is a bad habit that causes problems with blood pressure and blood flow, which means that it is directly linked to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, you should quit this bad habit anyway.

Consultations are Necessary

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Since this is a complicated procedure, you will have to be examined by a doctor. Some health issues might affect the surgery, like having diabetes. In that case, the doctor will not be able to provide you with this sort of penile enlargement since there is a high chance of serious side-effects. Some other diseases or STDs will also exclude the potential candidate. Moreover, in case that you have some chronic disease and you are taking medications for that, there is a chance to get postponed or be rejected as well. On the other hand, you must avoid alcohol and drugs. Besides that, the doctor will examine the skin to determine whether this process might create some issues in the genital area.

Professional Evaluation

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Another part of the analysis is related to the professional evaluation of the potential patient. The therapist will check the mental state of the patient and evaluate how the condition can affect him. Also, they can help them to have a better perception of themselves which can improve their self-image. It is not a rare case that people could develop depression and low confidence while the size of their penis is only slightly below average. Also, you have to know that this procedure can provide the enlargement of one to two inches, which means that some people will be unsatisfied with the process. Therefore, the sessions with experts can be very important to help people to deal with this self-proclaimed issue.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to the implant, it represents a specially designed silicone that can be integrated inside of the penis and provide a bigger appearance. It is very important to know that it won’t affect erectile functions, which means that is not a solution for people with erectile dysfunction as well. While there is only a minor chance for some side-effects, you can feel some downsides of anesthesia, such as confusion, vomiting, nausea, and more, but all of them are only short-term effects. On the other side, it is essential to choose only well-known medicals for this process since false evaluation can lead to more serious health issues.

When it comes to price, it can differ according to the country. In the United States, the average expenses of such surgery are around $15,000. Also, your medical insurance won’t cover this treatment, but many financial institutions can provide you with a loan for that matter. The main advantages are related to the fact that people can redeem their confidence and deal with nervousness and anxiety.

In some cases, people would avoid meeting new people and create even bigger social and mental issues. When the procedure is done correctly, there will be only a tiny mark left. When we compare it to other procedures, it has the highest efficiency and fewer downsides.