What is the Net Worth 2019 of Anton Kreil?

Anton Kreil is the person in charge of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management and also manages the Institutes Global Portfolio. He is in the business of helping people turn into masters of trading. He used to be a trader for companies like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and also a number of others. He has become very popular worldwide because of his courses. Keep reading to find out more about his life and net worth.

Personal life

Anton Kreil was born in Liverpool in 1979. He was left without a father when he was only four years old because he left their family and after that, he and his younger brother lived with their mother. They experienced a lot of money problems during his childhood and he was the first in the family to graduate. He attended Manchester University and got a degree in Economic at 21 years old.

He is currently living with his fiancee Meng Jiang in Singapore. She is a proprietor in the Panda Chow Chows.


Even while being a college student he worked in trade in the investment bank Goldman Sachs. As that was his ideal job he continued working for them for a long while and excelled in his job. After that he worked at Lehman Brothers, he spent two years working there and in that period that firm was number one in trading. At the age of 26, he got the position of being the Vice President of JP Morgan.

He later left this job and started his own investment banking and trading school. Anton is currently doing this and teaching people how to become experts in trading and investment banking.

Anton Kreil Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at about $12.5 million. All of his money was earned through his hard work in the trading business. He worked in firms like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs which are big contributors to his net worth. At this moment he is working in trading and investing school that he owns himself.