How to Choose what Premium Cannabis Seeds to Grow Marijuana

If you are new to growing weed, you might find it extremely complicated trying to decide what type of seeds you should use to start the process. If you go to a traditional grow store or an online seed store, it is likely you will feel overwhelmed by the amount of choice you have. Although having plenty of options is sometimes a good thing, it sometimes makes choosing what type of seeds you should grow weed a difficult task.

Nowadays, there are thousands of different types of cannabis strains available. Although growing marijuana plants in many countries and states are against the law, most countries don’t have any laws against the sale of cannabis seeds. There are online stores such as that deliver premium cannabis seeds worldwide. Most of these companies use discreet packaging so the likelihood of noisy neighbors figuring out what your purchasing online will remain a mystery.

Why many Growers use Feminized Seeds


Over recent years, feminized cannabis seeds have become more popular than regular seeds. At a first glance, feminized seeds look exactly the same as normal cannabis seeds. Most feminized seeds are 99% female. Although the chances of the seeds producing male plants are still possible, it is highly unlikely. Although male plants do have plenty of benefits, to create great tasting buds, you must get rid of all the males.

Rather than waiting to see if the plant is male or female, the safer option is to purchase feminized seeds. It will help reduce the risk of producing a male and can help keep your mind at ease. Growers get very upset when they have spent time and money growing cannabis, only to find out they have male plants.

Often feminized seeds can cost a little bit extra in comparison to regular seeds, and just because they are more expensive doesn’t mean they will always work. You are not guaranteed that the seeds will germinate, nor are you guaranteed that it will be a female.

Should I Grow with Premium Sativa Seeds?


If you live in a very warm climate and want to grow cannabis outdoors, Sativa seeds might prove to be your best option. These plants can grow very tall, which can cause major issues if you plan to grow a Sativa strain indoors. If you really want to grow Sativa plants indoors, make sure there is adequate vertical space in the room or tent where you plan on growing the plants.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area where Sativa plants can grow, keep in mind that they can grow up to 20 feet in height. If you don’t want to get noticed, trying to hide Sativa plants is not that easy. Because Sativa plants can grow very tall, make sure you have the appropriate pots. Remember to top the plants early to help maintain their upward growth.

If time isn’t on your side, perhaps avoid growing Sativa plants. Their buds can often take a very long time to mature.

Although growing Sativa plants might prove problematic both indoors and outdoors, here are a few of the reasons why people love consuming the strain:

  • Helps people suffering from stress and anxiety: The strain is known to elevate one’s mood, which can really help those reduce both their stress and anxiety levels.
  • Headaches
  • Joint pain: Plenty of people suffering from arthritis often consume Sativa cannabis products to help treat their pain.
  • Productivity: People claim that using the strain during the day is an ideal way to make you feel productive.
  • Fatigue: Many people use Sativa to give them an energy boost. If you want a strain to help you fall asleep, consuming Sativa might do the opposite.

Sativa strains are known to give people a euphoric feeling.

Should I Grow with Indica Seeds?

It is believed that Indica plants originated from the Asian highlands. In comparison to Sativa plants, Indica plants are more robust because they need to be able to survive harsh weather conditions. Indica plants can manage in harsh winters and can adapt to sudden changes in the weather.

If you are a novice grower and you are planning an indoor setup, choosing Indica seeds might be your best option. These plants don’t grow too tall, so they are ideal if you have a small grow room or a beginner’s grow box. Indica plants tend to flower much quicker than Sativa plants because they need to be able to reproduce before the winter arrives. If you are stuck for time and your aim is to have a quick harvest, choosing to grow with Indica seeds is inevitable.

Indica buds often have a skunky, hashy smell, especially if it is a pure Indica Strain. For those who want to consume marijuana to help them relax, Indica is the perfect option. It can improve your sleeping. In fact, many people who suffer from insomnia use Sativa. It is also very common with those suffering from chronic pain.

Benefits of using Autoflowering seeds


Another popular type of seeds that growers are using all over the world is auto-flowering seeds. These seeds make growing cannabis easier because they don’t need specific light and the temperature can sometimes vary. They tend to mature very quickly, so you can harvest your plants in less than 10 weeks. Autoflowering seeds normally produce shorter plants, which makes it easy if your grow box or tent is not virtually tall.


There are thousands of different seeds available in the legal industry today. Each one has its own unique qualities and background. When choosing between auto-flowering, feminized and regular seeds, understanding the THC content is vital. If you are new to consuming cannabis, perhaps growing marijuana that has a low THC content is your best option. If you grow cannabis that you can’t handle, you might have plenty of buds that you can’t consume!

For more information on seeds and growing marijuana, there is plenty of content uploaded to streaming services like YouTube to help you out.