Terpenes 101: What are Terpenes and Why are They Beneficial?

If you’re looking to get started on your CBD adventure, terpenes are one of the key elements to comprehend. The key to effective cannabidiol consumption is powerful, aromatic and deeply beneficial terpene profiles that align with your needs and tastes. Terpenes themselves are incredibly abundant within nature – making up many trees and plants and providing them with effective resistance against fungus and bacteria. Cannabis contains a higher than usual proportion and variety of profiles. So, the question is, why and how do they affect your CBD experience?

Let’s start at the very beginning. Cannabidiol has been used as a powerful and effective treatment against a variety of diseases throughout human history. The anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to successfully suppress pain have been incredibly useful and date all the way back to ancient China thousands of years ago. Ultimately, cannabidiol is one of the most important treatments we have for boosting our health and stopping unnecessary suffering. But – what is the element of cannabis that provides all these wonderful properties?

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Let’s be honest, everybody has a favourite smell. Whether that’s a fresh wood aroma or a herbal undertone, smells are intrinsically linked to memories and sensations. Therefore, they are vital for any CBD product you’ll consume. Terpenes have developed these smells to protect plants from various types of animals. The good thing for us is that they are fantastic for stimulating our sense of taste and smell, while also benefiting our health and well-being.

Let’s draw a simple comparison – wine is famous for its wide variety of taste profiles. The aromas and tastes linked to very specific wines mean every type has a unique flavour supplying differing sensations. Like the subtle notes of wine, terpenes provide those unique and contrasting flavours but with additional medical benefits. Depending on your mood, you can choose CBD products with profiles that give you a fantastic burst of energy or a stress-relieving sensation. Alternatively, there are also some that sharpen your focus. Interested so far? Here’s a list of our favourite terpenes and the benefits that come along with them.

Myrcene is a common compound found in the make-up of lemongrass and mango, among other fruits. This terpene gives off a distinct and powerful woody undertone while also containing anti-inflammatory effects.

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The famous caryophyllene is definitely for those looking for a spicy twist in their CBD experience. Mostly found in hops and basil, the profile has a peppery undertone that is popular in Italian food. Once again, this terpene is a fantastic anti-inflammatory, with significant health benefits.

Linalool has a floral profile that carries that distinct, soothing smell that so many people are familiar with. If you’re suffering from mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, linalool can be an effective treatment.

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If your favourite smell is fresh pine, pinene is your best bet. This woody compound is often found in orange peel and rosemary and will remind you of those comforting woodland walks. The terpene can really help your memory retention and sharpen your focus considerably.

Any citrus fanatics out there? Limonene is abundant in lime and lemon, so it’s no surprise that the scents are nice and fresh. This zesty profile is also great for giving you a sharp boost in energy while also treating depression.

Humulene is another terpene with remarkable properties. As well as the standard anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, this compound actually reduces your appetite, which in turn helps you shed a few pounds. The profile and aromas are more woody and earthy, supplying a natural and organic taste. Also, humulene was actually central to many ancient eastern medicinal practices, as it is found in a huge variety of plants and has powerful effects.

Source: dinafem.org

Looking for something with a hint of peppermint? Phellandrene has a slight twist of citrus and is often found in turmeric leaf oil, which is very effective against fungal infections. This terpene was first found in eucalyptus oil, which is already used extensively in medical treatments and is also contained in cinnamon and ginger.

One of the biggest things to take away from terpenes is the all-natural element. Unlike preservatives and additives that are constantly stuffed in products every day, terpenes are entirely organic and natural. This is the reason they hold some many incredible health benefits, which people have been making use of for thousands of years. While various flavours of CBD will contain different types of terpenes, you can also purchase them on their own. With these miniature bottles, you can add another layer of flavour and aroma to your vaping products or concentrates. Have a look for some of your favourite profiles and add them into your daily routine to really experience those powerful sensations.

If you’re a bit of a foodie (who isn’t), it might also be a good idea to mix up your CBD with some of your favourite recipes. Cannabidiol in general tastes great when you cook it with your meals, so finding the right types of terpene profiles to go with your food is a fun and engaging thing to look out for. Our most used recipes include an evening tea and a drizzle of our favourite oil on a homemade pizza. We’d suggest surfing the internet and finding the best ways to infuse some of those beautiful profiles within your favourite meals.

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If you’ve done a bit of research into the subject, you’ve probably come across something called the ‘entourage effect’. This is when all of the plant’s compounds enhance therapeutic value by working with each other. Previously, research showed that this worked significantly with THC cannabis. However, further investigation has proven that the entourage effect can be found in cannabis oil and separate compounds too. If you buy full-spectrum oil, you’re getting the very best of this effect, which fully enhances your experience.

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