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Breaking the Stereotypes with “What Women Want”

The latest show named “what women want” is becoming the talk of the town. The host for this amazing show is none other than Kareena Kapoor Khan. She is all set to make her debut as an RJ on the Radio channel, Ishq 104.8 FM. Kareena herself will anchor the talk show.

Emergence of the Show

After the great success of 2 seasons of lifestyle show “Calling Karan”, the Radio channel came up with the idea of making a women-centric show. This was to maintain the fan base of the channel. “What women want” alias Kareena talk show is the result of that idea itself.

Notion Behind the Show

The concept of the show is based on the plight of women in India and the kind of inequality they face in every sphere of society.

How a woman is supposed to break the stereotypes will be covered by this Kareena talk show.

This show is more like a lifestyle show. It features many renowned women celebrities who managed to break the stereotypes by which they were surrounded in the society.

Coverage by the Channel

The Radio channel will also show the coverage of Kareena’s talk show on their own YouTube channel. You can hear the show on 104.5 FM.

Step towards Change

A question always comes to the mind of a man that what woman want but for his own interest. In a male dominating society, it is high time now to think what women actually want. Suffice it to say that this lifestyle show by Kareena Kapoor is definitely going to start a discourse on this issue.

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