Which CBD Product Is Best For Me? Common Types And Formats Explained

Today, CBD is commonly used to help to alleviate a number of conditions and help you take steps to wellbeing. By searching on the Internet, you can easily find a wide range of available products for sale. And most consumers experiment with various products before settling on a regime that suits their needs and lifestyle.

There are four main preparations of products that are frequently used to provide relief or improve wellbeing, and each has its own pros and cons. Let’s explore the different types of products and ways you can take CBD.

CBD Product Categories

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If you are seriously considering CBD consumption, you need to start by familiarising yourselves with the different product categories and the compounds they contain. It is absolutely crucial that we are well aware of them so that we always know what we are about to take in. The three types are:

  • Full-spectrum CBD extract – This contains all plant extracts like terpenes and flavonoids, as well as all cannabinoids, including legal concentrations of THC;
  • Broad-spectrum CBD extract – This contains CBD, as well as a full range of supportive cannabinoids and plant extracts. It does not, however, contain THC;
  • CBD isolate – This is the purest form of cannabidiol containing no other cannabinoids or plant extracts.

Usually, broad-spectrum is the most popular form of CBD as it offers the ‘entourage effect’ through which all the constituents work in synergy to bolster its therapeutic effects. Also, those who take routine drug tests prefer to have their CBD without any traces of the possibly intoxicating THC compound.

Types Of Products

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From oils to creams, with the industry continuing to grow at a rapid rate, we can expect to see plenty more inventive and comforting products to choose from. While there are many different types of CBD out there, the best forms of products include the following ones:

Oil (Oil Tinctures)

Oils and tinctures are considered one of the most popular products in the market. They come in a tincture bottle and are administered orally using a dropper. Oil is made by combining hemp extract with a carrier oil, like hemp seed oil, MCT oil or olive oil. Occasionally, purified CBD is added to a carrier oil instead of hemp extract.

Many people love this oil, tincture or oral spray as an alternative to inhaled forms of CBD. It’s easier on the lungs and throat, it’s long-lasting, and it’s relatively easy to dose. Perhaps the only downside to oil is its long activation time. While some forms of oil can be absorbed under the tongue, it’s most often swallowed orally. So, it can take up to three hours to feel the full effects of oil. Here are some general details about oil:

  • Administration: Oral/Sublingual
  • Activation time: One to three hours
  • Duration of effect: Six to eight hours

Vapour Pens

Inhale, exhale and receive the positive effects from CBD! Vapour pens are another popular choice among those who love CBD. Although they’re certainly not for everyone — inhaling hot vapour can irritate the lungs and throat. In some cases, low-quality pens may even be hazardous to lung health.

Nevertheless, vapour pens have some very distinct advantages over other forms of CBD. Most notably? They’re fast-acting. Unlike nearly all other forms, the effects of vapour pens take hold within mere minutes. The downside? The effects of inhaled CBD don’t last as long as other forms of the cannabinoid. Inhaled cannabidiol is also much more difficult to dose.

  • Administration: Inhaled
  • Activation time: Five to 10 minutes
  • Duration of effect: Two to four hours


Capsules are just like any other herbal supplement. Capsules are made by filling an empty gel-cap with a mixture of filler oil and either purified CBD or hemp extract. The result is a carefully dosed supplement that is both easy and discrete to take. But, like any other form of oral CBD, capsules also come with a downside: they take a long time to kick in. So, when anxiety strikes, relief may not come for another hour after taking a capsule.

  • Administration: Oral
  • Activation time: One to three hours
  • Duration of effect: Six to eight hours

Edibles & Drinks

Edibles and drinks are perhaps the most fun and delicious ways to take CBD. The cannabinoid can be baked into treats, infused into candies, and blended into beverages. As a result, edibles and drinks offer both flavourful and discrete method to take CBD. Also, the market offers various ready-made options like gummies, hot chocolate, water and many others. You can keep CBD snacks in your purse or backpack for relief on the go, but you can wait around an hour to experience the positive effects.

  • Administration: Oral
  • Activation time: One to three hours
  • Duration of effect: Six to eight hours

CBD Dosage

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Whatever product you choose to use, it is essential to keep your dosage consistent. Start with a low dose and gradually increase it once your body has adjusted. If you are unsure, seek medical advice before embarking upon your journey. Everyone is different, and for you to love CBD like many others, you need to find what works best for you.

Also, you should consult your doctor before embarking on using CBD, especially if you are already taking medication as they negatively interact with one another.

A Word Of Caution

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The availability of CBD products in the UK and beyond is wide and growing. It is imperative you conduct thorough research before purchasing any product you intend to ingest or apply to your body.

Look for a trustworthy source like Alphagreen, where you can find the best products from top brands. Also, be aware of the amount of CBD present in the product you’re buying, and consider this strength and its suitability to your requirements and personal needs.