Why did 17 Million Countrymen left India????

According to a survey by the National Democratic Alliance government, 17 million Indians have fled from their home country to settle down abroad. This number tops the list of people worldwide who left their country the previous year.


The Human Rights Watch Organisation states that people generally do not leave their homes if they are assured if safe and normal living conditions. Undoubtedly, this statement is not applicable to people like Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi or Mehul Choksis.

Sunanda K. Dutta Ray, the Bengali journalist, says, ”When 17 million Indians seek their fortune abroad it only means people are losing faith in the government’s ability to honour its promises.” Even the Asian Development Bank remarks that the reason of 17 million countrymen leaving India is that the government could not meet public aspirations.

Nationals are losing faith in the government as the promises made at the time of elections are always meant to be broken.  Here, the ability of the Indian National government is in question. Gone are the times of Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi. The conditions are worsening day by day that is why Indians are voting their step out of the country to try their luck abroad and earn a good living. The Indian concept of ‘Roti, kapda aur Makaan’ does not satisfy the expectations of the countrymen.

The Government in Question?

India has given shelter to many refugees in earlier times but today why is it that Indians themselves are seeking fortune in other countries? And such a huge number of migrants is a cause to worry for the government. Only the ones in distress will leave their homes and migrate to other land seeking for a good living. This clearly shows that the ability of the Indian government in question. The Government of the people, by the people, for the people is on the verge of failure. The government which can not assure its citizens a good and safe living should never come into power. Sadly, the conditions are same among all the candidates of elections. The failure of the government is quite evident from the survey report of the National Democratic Alliance government. A country which is exporting refugees will always be mocked at.

It is the government which needs to take necessary steps so that the prestige of the country can be restored. All the required reforms should be introduced with immediate effect. Gaining faith again is a long process but working hard to achieve it is the need of the hour.

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