Why Sania Mirza gets trolled for the misdeeds by Pakistan?

Indian tennis star Sania Mirza gets trolled again! This time for not showing any condolence to the families of Pulawama terror attack victims! It seems like social media trollers love to target Mirza whenever India Pak relationship takes a hit. This year’s 14th Feb was a black day for India as 44 CRPF jawans lost their lives due to Pulawama terror attack. In this scenario, Sania Mirza the player faced her trollers who questioned her nationality again!

Why do trollers question Sania’s nationality?

Tennis star Sania Mirza tied the knot with the famous Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik in April 2010. Since then, Sania Mirza India Pak nationality has been questioned by many. After marriage, she chose to live in Pakistan with her husband. Every time something happens between India and Pakistan, people start criticizing Sania for her actions.

Last time, a Twitter user tweeted Sania by saying Happy Independence day on 14th August. Soon after the tweet, Sania Mirza replied to the person that her country’s Independence Day in on 15 August. But, this time Sania trollers got trolled back! With a single tweet on 14th Feb, she shut the mouth of all her trollers on Twitter.

How did Sania Mirza reply to her trollers?

Sania posted a condolence tweet on 14th Feb after Pulawama terror attack. She said in her tweet:

Sania's post on the Pulawama Attack.

Soon after her tweet, people started criticizing her. Many said that Sania Mirza Pakistan favoritism leads her to keep quiet. But, this time Sania didn’t keep quiet. Sania reply to trollers on Twitter with a few heartfelt lines:

Sania's message to her trollers.

Eventually, Sania’s post didn’t stop the trollers. Moreover, Sania Mirza trolls back the hate tweets that she received. Through her series of tweeter replies, Sania Mirza made it clear that she isn’t afraid of any troll. In fact, she will keep facing her trollers like this time!


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