Why You Should Employ Video Marketing Strategies

When it comes to digital marketing nowadays, it is of crucial importance to be innovative i.e. to find new, appealing methods to advertise your company. It has been proven that video marketing is extremely beneficial, so, in the following text, we are going to tell you how to use it to boost your marketing campaign.

First of all, videos allow you to connect with your customers on a more personal level. By adding a promotional film to the website, of yourself explaining how your product can be used and what benefits will clients have can increase your sales up to 80%. We believe this to be enough for you to start creating your first video. Depending on your editing skills and the equipment you have at your disposal, you might be able to make an interesting and appealing clip on your own, but on the other hand, if you have never done this before and want to make sure that it is absolutely perfect, you should consider hiring a digital signage company like Signature Channel.

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In addition, generally speaking, people tend to visualize things meaning that reading a detailed description of your merchandise will not be as effective. They want to see the item from different angles and listen to somebody explaining to them how it works. Plus, nowadays, they don’t want to waste time reading long essays, but instead, if they have a choice, they will opt for watching a 2-minute clip. This way, you are not going to only increasing your chances of making a sale but since you will be the one speaking and people will see your face, you are also going to build credibility with the shoppers.

Furthermore, having a video on your website will increase your online visibility. Search engines work on an algorithm that ranks web pages that use this tool higher on the list of search results. By now, you are probably aware of how important SEO is, and this is just another method you can use to improve it. What’s more, by uploading it to YouTube, you are further boosting your Internet presence.

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Moreover, in this era we live in, people usually conduct their searches via smartphones while waiting in line or on the bus on their way to work. Taking into consideration that they probably don’t have enough time to read articles, they are more likely to watch short clips if you provide them with some. Also, depending on the type of your business and your target audience, you can incorporate some humor into your ads. This is not only going to be appealing to the people watching them, but they are also more likely to share them with their friends thus advancing your marketing campaign. Let’s be honest, millennials share everything just by clicking a few buttons, so why not use this to your advantage.

Finally, you can include short clips in your newsletter and therefore improve your email marketing. If you include the word ‘video’ in the subject line you are significantly increasing the chances of people actually opening that email.

All in all, these are some reasons why you should start a video marketing campaign. We believe this to be extremely beneficial especially if you want to convey a message that cannot be expressed with words in the best way possible.

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