Why you should use Promo Codes

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Why you should use Promo Codes

A promotional code is a code that is made up of different, random letters and numbers, and they are also known as alphanumeric codes. Customers can use them to get special deals or discounts, both online and in-store. Because of their format, promo codes offer a lot of flexibility, customers can get them and use them via their phones, tablets, and computers, they can also come in PDF form and even QR codes.

However, it is not only the customers who benefit from these promo codes! They will also bring various benefits to your business marketing strategy. Here are some marketing goals that you can achieve:

  1. Increase your online followers
  2. Raise brand awareness
  3. Motivate users to engage with surveys, subscriptions, and campaigns
  4. Collect customer data and qualify sales leads
  5. Measure the ROI to inform your future marketing strategies

Here is how you can drive more sales by offering these promotional codes to your customers:

Why you should use Promo Codes

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1. Target the right audience with personalized offers

The most basic marketing strategies is personalization and segmentation, however, most companies fail to implement this. By using segmentation and personalization features of your email automation platform, you can ensure that the promo codes you will send out are appealing to specific consumers.  For example, you can send customers who are celebrating their birthdays a promo code for a specific offer in order to make them feel remembered and valued by your company. You could review the transaction history of the customer in order to send them a promo code that will be related to their previous purchases.

2. Create urgency by using expiration dates

When it comes to promo codes, you can visit seardeal.com, considering that customers do not want to miss out on a good deal. By simply using the concept of time, you can drive customers to make their decision about buying something faster. You could use a powerful expression like “Wish Promo Codes, today only!” or “This Promo Code expires tomorrow” to create a sense of urgency and rush. To make it more fun, you can put a countdown next to the codes, so that the consumers can see how much time they have left.

3. Send the codes at the right time

Timing is perhaps the most important thing that you can think about. When you send the promotions out, make sure that you are not only sending it to the right person, but also at the right time. During a time when sales are going slow, use them for freebies or discounts to make service and products more appealing to the customers. In the same way, always send them during the holiday season to motivate the consumer to pick your company instead of another one.

Why you should use Promo Codes

4. Use the promotion to gain new consumers

Apart from keeping customers and encouraging them to repeat their purchases, these promotions can also be great to gain new customers, as well as to grow your email list. For example, you can send your customers’ promo codes that they can use to refer to a specific number of friends to sign up for your offers. Also, you could award the new customers with an instant promo code in order to encourage them to make another purchase.


Of course, it does not have to mean that by flooding your customer with promo codes will instantly lead to sales and conversions. Just like any other marketing strategy, you will need to find the right technique for the codes. By using an email marketing platform with advanced features, you can send emails to your targeted audience, and by sending personalized promo codes to the right consumer it will lead to the generation of sales, as well as new customers.

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