9 Advantages of Working as an Elementary Teacher

When you ask any teacher why they opted for education as a career, you can’t guess what their answers might be. The thing is, people become teachers for various reasons – and there are a lot of resources like Teach for America to make that happen. However, regardless of what the reason one may have, the ultimate result is often the same.

Working as an elementary teacher tends to be a very challenging yet highly rewarding career. Teachers from everywhere will agree to the satisfaction one gets knowing that they create a solid foundation for the children’s future.

If you wish to be an elementary teacher, here are the advantages you’ll enjoy.

1. Changing the Student’s Lives for Better Humans in the Future

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Everything begins in elementary school. The first teachers of a child are the people responsible for setting a bar for learning. You’ll have the power to instill good values and love for the school and other people.

An elementary school teacher forms part of the child’s first experience that involves socializing with the outsides of their families. In addition, they guide the children to follow a specific routine, rules and face the consequences from another person who isn’t their parent.

All these are highly essential in creating a solid foundation for the children’s success in the future, both academically and behaviorally. You’ll be going every day to your home, happy that you’ve made the world better.

2. There’s a Broad Range of Subjects

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One of the greatest benefits and reasons for working as an elementary teacher is to teach various subjects in a single day. This helps in eliminating the monotony of teaching only a single subject or similar things the whole day.

And as a teacher, you’ll see the students in different capacities. Besides, you can quickly identify what areas a particular kid is best or weak in. This also helps to incorporate various activities into their daily lesson. Moreover, you can foster the student’s creativity and personality through their interactions with the kids.

3. Students are Always Motivated

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Before middle school kills their spirits, most elementary students tend to love going to school. At this age, you find most of them having a natural curiosity and perception about the world.

They are eager to learn and find answers to certain things. So, you’ll be helping them continue that way by sharing with them the rich knowledge and wisdom of your expertise. They’ll love coming to school each day.

It’s all up to you to make them stay motivated and enable them to channel their motivation and energy. However, you’ll spend most of your time of the day with the students.

4. Easy to Manage A Classroom

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Most elementary students are curious and eager to learn. So, they have great respect for their teachers. In most cases, they will listen to you and perform all the tasks or things you ask them to do.

Though you may have to try a bit initially, they will get in line in no time. For the students who don’t show respect, sending them to the principal’s office or asking for their parents are the best tools for gaining respect.

However, ensure you handle rowdy students in a manner that doesn’t affect students who are quite old.

5. A Chance to Learn More

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Elementary students usually have a pretty exciting and amazing vision of the world. By becoming an elementary teacher, your perception of life will change.

Plus, it offers you an excellent way to start your preparations for becoming a parent. There are lots of funny moments you’ll treasure in your time together with your students.

Moreover, if you wish to continue your studies, working as an elementary teacher is an excellent choice. You can attend different classes based on developing your career or even improve your knowledge about various subjects.

6. It’s Fun and Enjoyable

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If you go to any elementary school, you’ll find a definite sense of excitement that’s so unique. These kids love and enjoy learning. Their eagerness and curiosity to learn, witness, and experience new things make the teacher’s job rewarding and exciting.

They enjoy their environs and playing with one another, creating a great atmosphere of happiness and joy. As the teacher, you’ll get the chance to expose the students to lots of new things that they possibly may never experience.

7. Help Develop Special Relationships with the Students

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Most elementary school teachers often teach the same group of students for a long time. Because of this, they tend to create a robust bond between the student and teacher. The teacher serves as a parent who’s away from home, and therefore the student can form an unbreakable bond.

Like the parent, the student learns to trust the teacher. You’ll find them opening up and even sharing essential events with the teacher all their life at school.

And to some teachers, the students form a wonderful second family. The students will regularly pass by to greet their aged teachers. This can also be motivating, given the many lives you have touched and helped.

8. School Program Suits your Lifestyle

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Being a teacher doesn’t always guarantee you free weekends and summer months. Even though they get weekends, summers, and holidays, many of them spend most of their time working on lesson plans. Some may work on the curriculum, revise, or recreating the already taught lessons.

As an elementary teacher, you can enjoy an utmost level of flexibility that isn’t available in other jobs. The free time you get becomes ideal for hanging out with your family, go for a vacation, and relax.

9. Job Security

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Job security is yet another big pro of working as an elementary teacher. That’s because this kind of market is less volatile and relatively stable. Therefore, there are no worries about your future career as an elementary teacher.

Besides, there are other lots of benefits such as health insurance, housing, transportation, and more to enjoy. You will find this job more rewarding than most jobs out there.


To this end, you now know the advantages of working as an elementary teacher. The ultimate aim is to change the lives of younger children and create lifelong learners who accept, appreciate, and value the school. The above advantages prove that working as an elementary teacher can be very enjoyable, better paying, and exciting.